Time wasted searching for documents is more than one would think. According to IDC, Knowledge workers spend from 15% to 35% of their time searching for information.

  • Supports search on the full text of documents' name, contents, and any meta-data.
  • Supports phrase and proximity search.
  • Support word stemming and synonyms for searching.
  • Supports searching by all of the system-provided fields such as author, date modified, file type, custom properties, document status.
  • Supports Boolean logic (NOT, AND, OR) with search within the text.
  • Search results are delivered based on security permissions of the user performing the search.
  • Search results include "RANK" and "ABSTRACTS" for content search
  • Search results indicate where the search criterion was found (Prior versions or META information).
  • Supports search on both the current versions of documents as well as past versions.
  • Administrators can delegate the definition and management of "Saved Searches" and "Categories" to "Search and Category Administrators".
  • Administrator can define "Custom Properties" which can be applied to folder and documents to assist in searching for folders and documents.

To find out more about Searching for Documents in infoRouter, visit our help pages that explain Searching for Documents in detail.

Regulatory Compliance and Corporate Governance

infoRouter offers all the features you need to stay compliant with a number of regulatory agencies. These include DoD 5015.2 STD, Sarbanes Oxley, ISO Document Control, HIPAA and SEC.To learn more about these features please visit Regulatory Compliance and Corporate Governance using infoRouter.

Records Management

Managing your business critical vital records is a snap with the rich set of Records Management feature we offer. From scanning your incoming documents to routing them to predefined workflows and tracking their status, and even their retention and disposition schedules. We have you covered.

Document and content delivery.

infoRouter can deliver the right documents and conent to knowledge workers when it is needed. Click here to find out more about Electronic document and content delivery

Document Version Control - history of changes and versioning

  • Audit trails and document tracking of edits and changes to documents
  • Version Comments
  • Version View History (view log)
  • Review and approval history of each version of a document.
  • Access to all prior revisions of a document.
  • Rollback to previous versions
  • Advanced versioning

To find out more about Versioning and Version Control, visit our help pages that explain Document Version Control in detail.

Document Creation and Editing

  • WebDAV Server (Distributed Authoring and Versioning)
  • Drag-n-Drop documents in and out of infoRouter using Windows Explorer.
  • Editing and Saving WebDAV enabled applications such as MS Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) directly into infoRouter.
  • MS Office Add-in integration (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) which allows access and edit to Office documents in infoRouter using Office products.
  • Ability to define additional keywords to assist in searching
  • Ability to upload Zipped documents that automatically expand on the server
  • Two-way automatic and manual Document Association mechanism. (Copy of, Derived from, Rendition, Original Copy, Parent Document, Child Document, Derivation of)
  • Document Comments
  • Supports URL and shortcut documents
  • Support for Classified Documents and classification history.
  • Classification of documents (Taxonomies).
  • Retention and Destruction Schedules and Rules
  • Document Archiving
  • Document Scanning
  • Document based Task System
  • Supports document creation and editing using HTML Form Templates.
  • Native file format support. No conversion is required
  • Versioning with check in check out mechanism.
  • Automatic e-mail notifications for multiple events (New, Changed, Edited, Approved, Rejected etc.).
  • Recycle Bin functionality to quickly restore deleted documents without losing meta data.

Notifications and Reporting

  • Subscription mechanism that allows users with appropriate permissions to sign up for automatic e-mail alerts and daily reports.
  • Instant e-mail alerts to document and folder subscribers for the following events:
    New Documents, Views, Changes, Updates, Check Outs, Approvals, Rejections, Comments, Moves, Deletes, Check Ins
  • Daily consolidated reports for all events.
  • Customizable text or HTML e-mail templates
  • Multi-language e-mail notification support (based on user preferences)
  • Task notifications for new and overdue tasks.

To find out more about Notifications and e-mail Subscriptions, visit our help pages that explain Notifications and e-mail Subscriptions in detail.

Advanced Work Area - Document Library Management

  • Work areas (Libraries) can be Anonymous or Membership based.
  • Work areas (Libraries) can be Online, Archived or Hidden
  • Membership based isolated work areas for Projects, Departments, Teams etc.
  • Membership is based on individuals or groups defined globally or locally.
  • Cross library access for global users and groups.

Document and Folder Security and Authentication

  • Support for HTTPS - Secure Socket Layers (SSL)
  • Secure off-site access.
  • Supports logging of login and access information.
  • Users can be authenticated from infoRouter or Active Directory.
  • Active Directory users and groups can be imported and synchronized.
  • Role based security for Administrator, Library Managers, Policy Managers, User Managers and Document Owners.
  • Users, Global User Groups, Local User Groups (Document Library based groups)
  • Authors, global groups and local groups are subject to individual security permissions for folders and documents.
  • Security Inheritance for folders and documents.
  • Permissions for folders and documents can be set using following incremental rights:
    No Access, List, Read, Add, Add & Read, Change, Full Control.
  • Conflicting rights are resolved based on C3 Security rules.

To find out more about infoRouter Document Security, visit our help pages that explain Document and Folder Security in detail.

Advanced Folder Management (Smart Folders)

  • Configurable Folder Management Rules
  • Automatic Custom Property prompts for new documents.
  • Folder Based Security - Inheritable security permissions.
  • Folder Subscriptions
  • Folder Audit Trails.
  • Folder Statistics.
  • Folder Compacting. An effective management tool to handle excessive version counts.
  • Alternative document list view types (List, Details, Comments, Workflows, Thumbnails, Versions, View Log).
  • Folder Custom Properties to assist in folder classification and search. Multiple property sets can be applied multiple times to folders.
  • Smart Folders remember user personalization's and preferences (columns, sort orders, view types etc.)
  • Supports a nested "folder" storage and retrieval model, similar to a standard file system
  • Allows more than one "Root" folder (Document Libraries).
  • Allows renaming and moving of folders without losing history of documents within the folder.
  • Sets no limit on the number of folders.

To find out more about Folder Management in infoRouter, visit our help pages that explain Working with Folders in detail.

Hot Folders

  • Runs as a service to monitor file system folders
  • Automatically imports contents of monitored folders into pre-defined infoRouter folders.
  • Conversion of images to PDF

Portal Management

  • Supports the creation of an unlimited number of portals. (Employee Portals, Sales Portals, Customer Portals)
  • Supports Portal Personalization.
  • Easy Portal creation using Portal Templates with drag-n-drop functionality
  • Administrators can delegate the management of Portals to "Portal Administrators".
  • Offline Portal Design mode.
  • Multiple built-in Gadget Types to deliver infoRouter document and folder content
  • Default Portal assignment to individual users

To find out more about Portal Management in infoRouter, visit our help pages that explain Portal Management in detail.

Advanced Document Management using Form Templates

  • Supports the usage of existing standard HTML Form Templates to create and edit documents
  • Enforces corporate standards through template styles. Authors only worry about text content. The template enforces the output style
  • Text entered into Form Templates can be rendered in multiple output styles (Rendering Options)
  • Automatic Form Template Routing from Portal screens.
  • Form data (stored in XML format) and Style information is kept separately
  • Version History is maintained in XML format.
  • Form Data Replication to Custom properties to support logical searching.

To find out more about Forms Management and Form Templates in infoRouter, visit our help pages that explain Forms Management and Form Templates in detail.

Custom Property Sets - META Data

  • Multiple Custom Property Sets can be defined.
  • Custom Properties can be applied to Users, Documents and Folders.
  • Custom Properties can be of multiple different data types. Data types are enforced.
  • Folders can be configured to automatically prompt from Custom property information when a new document is created.
  • Search screens can be configured to use Custom Properties for advanced searching.
  • Folder View Types can be configured to include Custom property Fields.
  • The same Custom Property Set can be applied to the same document or folder multiple times to form multi-values.

To find out more about Custom Document Properties in infoRouter, visit our help pages that explain Custom Document Properties in detail.

Document Library Policies

  • Advanced rule-based policies that control each library.
  • infoRouter behavior can be changed on a library basis (not through blunt system settings)

LDAP Integration

  • Supports LDAP Authentication
  • LDAP Synchronization tool to automatically synchronize LDAP users and groups to infoRouter.

Document based Workflow

  • Supports a multi-step, multi-user parallel and serial Workflow mechanism.
  • Workflow definitions can be defined at the Library level to isolate private workflows.
  • Authors can submit their documents to defined flows.
  • Supports Review Comments
  • Supports Review Notifications for Approved and Rejected documents
  • Authors, Project Managers, Library managers and all authorized users can track the status of documents in workflows.
  • A Review history is maintained at the document version level

To find out more about Document review and Workflow in infoRouter, visit our help pages that explain Document Reviews - Workflow in detail.

Multi-language Support

  • A single installation of infoRouter can serve your customers and partners from different parts of the World by providing localized messages to individual users.
  • Automatic Language Preference Detection from browser settings allows infoRouter to respond to the user in his/her preferred language
  • Notification e-mails are also localized
  • Currently supported languages are English, Dutch, German and Turkish. Additional languages are being added.
  • infoRouter messages can be customized to reflect your specific jargon or your own language.

Document Management Web Services API Interface

  • infoRouter is a Document Management Server that can deliver content to remote applications via its Web Services interface.
  • Web Services provide a programmable environment for developers to build custom solutions based on infoRouter.
  • Standard Web Services Interface that can be called from even remote servers to access infoRouter content.
  • Custom applications can be developed to share information with infoRouter.

To find out more about infoRouter Web Services API, visit our documentation pages that explain infoRouter Web Services API in detail.

A rich set of Document Management Tools

  • Web-based Document Import/Export Utility
  • A Download Queue which allows for multiple document and folder downloads in Zip format.
  • Document Warehouse Management tool which allows System Administrators to manage the infoRouter storage.
  • A tool that allows synchronization with Active Directory

Scan Station

  • Client-side tool that allows the processing of scanned document pools
  • Image correction
  • Conversion of images to PDF
  • Submission of documents to Workflows
  • Allows for Meta Data tagging
  • Manual text adjustment with OCR Text Entry

MS Office Integration with infoRouter Add-ins

  • Full integration into MS Office tools such as
    • MS Word
    • MS Outlook
    • MS Excel
    • MS PowerPoint
  • Allows for direct content generation into infoRouter without any uploads.
  • Allows users to pull content into office tools from infoRouter.