Customer Testimonials

What are current users saying about infoRouter?


"Thank you for being so prompt and efficient with your support and assistance. Of late I have seldom had the experience to interact with vendors and support personnel with your pronounced sense of pride and dedication, thank you!"

Norman Richardson, Carquest.

"I love this product. The fact that I get to vote on future functionality and enhancements is awesome."

Edward Manning, Presolutions Inc.

"I have just completed my first proposal using infoRouter and the system is fantastic. It allowed us to make sure we had the latest and greatest copy of everything. It eliminated configuration control problems. It allowed us to enforce cut-offs. The engineers love it. I feel like a kid at Christmas"

John J. Meehan, Rockwell Collins Proposal Center.

"I love this product. The fact that I get to vote on future functionality and enhancements is awesome."

Edward Manning, Presolutions Inc.

"No more wasted time filing and searching for documentation. No more filing cabinets taking up valuable floor space. No more questions about making sure that the right people have access to the right information at the right time. We sought an affordable, web-based Electronic Document Management System that is straightforward to use, set up, and administer yet powerful enough to support our complex business processes. Our choice was simple: infoRouter."

Gregory Sullivan, Senior Project Specialist, Massachusetts General Hospital

"The response from our users has been overwhelmingly positive. The learning curve is minimal, and the benefits are obvious to all."

Robert Conway, Manager of Internet Communications. Xelus, Inc.

"Tremendous improvement in our workflow. Mistakes are down to a minimum. We can now get much more done in far less time."

Glen Marshall. Lockheed Martin Graphics & Proposal Development Center.

"Our implementation of infoRouter is fast, easy to manage and user friendly. The response from our end users is positive and the support staff at Active Innovations is very responsive to our requests. We use infoRouter for document management, knowledge management and version control."

Robert D'Amato, Sr. Help Desk Analyst, RS Information Systems, Inc.

"I've worked with many support teams in my career, but none as dedicated and responsive as the infoRouter support team. Their quick resolution of our issues has made a world of difference."

Sarah Mitchell, IT Director, Cell Technologies

"We serve hundreds of users across multiple offices around the globe. Collaborating on engineering documents so effectively would not have been possible without infoRouter. "

Kim Waller - Chemtex International, Inc.

"From installation to ongoing support, the team at infoRouter has been phenomenal. Their customer service is top-notch."

Brian Lewis, IT Manager, Summit Engineering

"The audit trails provided by infoRouter have saved us countless hours during compliance checks. We can now pull up any document history within seconds, ensuring our processes are always up-to-date and compliant."

Edward Christiansen, Compliance Officer - D&P Bioinnovations.

"Before infoRouter, managing our project documents was a nightmare. Now, everything is organized and easily accessible, leading to a 30% reduction in project turnaround time."

James Walker, Project Manager, Construx Ltd.

"infoRouter's integration with our existing systems was smooth and effortless. This integration has cut down on the time spent on manual data entry, significantly boosting our overall efficiency."

Karen Brooks, IT Director, Exxen Marketing Group

"The version control feature in infoRouter has eliminated the confusion over document versions. Our team can now work confidently, knowing they are always accessing the latest documents."

Daniel Kim, Senior Engineer, MTech Innovations.

"The support we receive from infoRouter is unmatched. They go above and beyond to ensure we are satisfied, which is rare these days."

Michael Thompson, Project Manager, K-Street Ventures

"infoRouter's support team is exceptional. They always respond promptly and with the exact solution we need. I couldn't ask for better service."

Emily Carter, Operations Manager, HealthFirst Medical

"I appreciate the opportunity to be part of the Steering Committee for infoRouter. It is empowering to have a say in the direction and development priorities of the system. Being able to contribute to new releases ensures that our needs and the needs of other customers are met effectively. This collaborative approach is truly invaluable."

Parthives Gupta, Development Manager, Focus Consulting Services