How to backup the infoRouter warehouse

The infoRouter warehouse lives in the file system and contains all the documents uploaded or imported into infoRouter.

The infoRouter warehouse houses the following information for each document:

  • Latest version of the document
  • All previous versions of the document
  • Meta information about the document such as description, keywords etc.

The infoRouter warehouse needs to be backed up regularly if infoRouter is being used in a production environment.

To backup the infoRouter warehouse, perform the following:

  • STOP IIS on the infoRouter application server to ensure no one is actively using infoRouter.
  • Backup all warehouse components using your preferred backup solution.
    You do not need to backup the index server catalog. The catalog can be re-created automatically.
  • If you are running infoRouter in Distributed mode and you have separated your warehouse across
    multiple physical drives or servers, make sure to backup all warehouse components at the same time.
    Preferably use the same tapes (or other media) to backup infoRouter so that this information would
    be much easier to access in case you need to restore infoRouter to an earlier instance.

Tip :

The “Compact” feature allows you to get rid of unnecessary versions of documents. Please use the “Compact”
function regularly to re-claim valuable disk space and to cut down on backup time. The infoRouter Control Panel contains a section called "General Application Settings", a sub-section of this window is the "System Recycle Bin Settings" which allows you to move user recycle bin itms to the system recycle bin and periodicall purge the system recycle bin. Using this feature is a smart way to make sure that unwanted warehouse items are not taking up space and slowing down the backup process.

It is critical that the backup for the application directory, the infoRouter Database and the infoRouter warehouse backups must be perfomed at the same time and kept together. In the event that infoRouter must be restored, all three components must be in sync with one another.

Here is a complete guide to infoRouter backup and restore:
infoRouter Backup, Restore and Disaster Recovery Guide

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