EDMS Horror Story


It’s the night before that all-important Big Proposal deadline.

Mega bucks are on the line. And so is your reputation, career, and your kid’s college plans.

There was this one document, the one that summarized everything so well, a perfect document that is … missing. Unfortunately.

Where is it?!

Your trustworthy assistant dashes in with a thick three-ring binder.

“Okay, I found it!”

“Yeah but is it the latest version?”


“Does this have all the corrections that the Review Committee delivered last month?”

You stand there looking at your assistant with a sharp pain in your chest because there is no way to know for sure at that late hour.

“Who updated this and when? Is it up to the proposal specs?”

The office is empty. Everyone went home already.

And you realize perhaps you should’ve invested in that document management system a long time ago.

A system that kept track of document versions, the one that kept an extensive audit trail of every transaction for every single document in the system.

A life-line for your career, reputation.

And your child’s future.