infoRouter - Technical Overview

Instant Deployment & Implementation

The infoRouter document management system takes just a few minutes to install. Because it is fully browser-based, deployment across your enterprise will be effortless. The system only requires a server side installation that involves a few easy steps. There are no client-side components or requirements to install.

Central Document Warehouse

Using the Import/Export Tool, you can import all of your existing documents into the infoRouter document warehouse.

Once your vital documents are imported into the document warehouse, you can get rid of all the nasty shared drives, all the drive mappings that make backups a nightmare. Now you have one central location to backup and users have one system to access all their information.


All administrative functions of infoRouter can be performed from remote locations. The advanced functionality of infoRouter can also be delegated to "Power Users" so that they can manage their own areas without help from administrators.

Users can manage the security of their own documents and even restore deleted documents. You can create isolated work areas for your co-workers, customers and vendors where they can work within their security limits. You can create clone administrators who can administer their own areas, even create users and assign access. You can also setup User Groups and assign them rights.

With a few clicks, you can restore deleted documents from the System Recycle Bin without having to go through tapes and backup sets. You can easily Archive, Restore or Purge deleted documents.

Using the myriad of tools provided to you in the infoRouter Control Panel, you can manage every aspect of the infoRouter platform.

Security & Authentication

infoRouter supports three modes of authentication

  • infoRouter Authentication
  • NT Authentication
  • LDAP Authentication

infoRouter undergoes extensive security tests before each new patch/version is released. In addition to our in-house security testing, We work with third-party vendors who are industry leaders in security assessment to verify that our platform is safe and free of security vulnerabilities.

Virtually no training is required for your users

infoRouter’s intuitive interface makes using it easy. Your users will understand and begin using infoRouter within minutes, without any training. With the folders on the left and the files on the right, infoRouter looks and feels just like Windows Explorer™, an interface familiar to almost every user.

Customizable Portals

Ever been asked to put up a web site tailored for a customer? Well, an infoRouter portal just may be the answer. Within minutes, you can create a new customer portal and start sharing and collaborating with your customers. Click here to find out more about infoRouter portals.

infoRouter Web Services API

Your in-house applications can be integrated easily into infoRouter. Systems or applications lacking content and document control features can be enhanced and extended by integrating them with infoRouter. The Web Services API will allow your developers to access core functions of infoRouter by making a series of simple HTTP calls. Please click here infoRouter Web Services API for more information

Multi-server Distributed Architecture - Load Balancing

The infoRouter platform is highly scalable and runs in many high-traffic environments in organizations all around the world. You can use the distributed mode to split the workload across multiple servers making it virtually impossible to outgrow.

Remote Administration

The infoRouter Control Panel can be accessed remotely so you can perform all administration functions through a secure browser interface.

HTTPS - SSL Security

You can access and transmit your documents safely and securely by implementing HTTPS security.

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infoRouter System Requirements

Open Architecture

infoRouter is based on proven Open Technologies. You are in total control of your environment. There are no complicated proprietary components. Your documents are safely stored on the file system on drives that are not mapped, so the issue of unauthorized access is eliminated.

Documents can be imported into or exported out of infoRouter with the built in Import/Export tool.

Using the Web Services API, you may automatically publish standard reports generated by other systems or Legacy Applications.