infoRouter Notifications and Reporting

infoRouter supports on screen status notifications as well as SMTP e-mail notifications. E-mail notifications are sent to subscribers of documents and folders when changes to documents occur. They are also sent to reviewers and authors participating in workflow processes.

  • Subscription mechanism that allows users with appropriate permissions to sign up for automatic e-mail alerts and daily reports.
  • Instant e-mail alerts to document and folder subscribers for the following events:
    New Documents, Views, Changes, Updates, Check Outs, Approvals, Rejections, Comments, Moves, Deletes, Check Ins
  • Daily consolidated reports for all events.
  • Customizable text or HTML e-mail templates
  • Multi-language e-mail notification support (based on user preferences)
  • Task notifications for new and overdue tasks.

To find out more about Notifications and e-mail Subscriptions, visit our help pages that explain Notifications and e-mail Subscriptions in detail.