infoRouter Smart Folders

Advanced Folder Management (Smart Folders)

Folders are used to store and organize documents. Folders may contain any number of documents in a wide variety of file formats. Folders are also subject to their own security settings. That is, users may be granted or denied access to individual folders.

  • Configurable Folder Management Rules
  • Automatic Custom Property prompts for new documents.
  • Folder Based Security - Inheritable security permissions.
  • Folder Subscriptions
  • Folder Audit Trails.
  • Folder Statistics.
  • Folder Compacting. An effective management tool to handle excessive version counts.
  • Alternative document list view types (List, Details, Comments, Workflows, Thumbnails, Versions, View Log).
  • Folder Custom Properties to assist in folder classification and search. Multiple property sets can be applied multiple times to folders.
  • Smart Folders remember user personalization's and preferences (columns, sort orders, view types etc.)
  • Supports a nested "folder" storage and retrieval model, similar to a standard file system
  • Allows more than one "Root" folder (Document Libraries).
  • Allows renaming and moving of folders without losing history of documents within the folder.
  • Sets no limit on the number of folders.

To find out more about Folder Management in infoRouter, visit our help pages that explain Working with Folders in detail.