infoRouter seamlessly integrates with industry-standard authoring tools to create and capture documents. In addition to these interfaces, infoRouter offers other creative solutions to capture many types of documents from various sources.

infoRouter Capture Tools

Scanned documents can be processed using the infoRouter Scan Station module where a user can view scanned documents to optionally add Meta Data, add critical information such as descriptions, provide classification.

Paper documents and forms can be converted to electronic images that can be stored with an unlimited amount of meta data. Document profiling and tagging helps users quickly search for and retrieve relevant documents. Electronic Forms can easily be designed and put to use to capture forms based information which can be rendered in multiple formats. All content stored in infoRouter can be routed to defined workflows.

Key Document Capture features:

  • WebDAV Server (Distributed Authoring and Versioning)
  • Drag-n-Drop documents in and out of infoRouter using Windows Explorer.
  • Editing and Saving WebDAV enabled applications such as MS Office documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc) directly into infoRouter.
  • Ability to define additional keywords to assist in searching
  • Ability to upload Zipped documents that automatically expand on the server
  • Two-way automatic and manual Document Association mechanism. (Copy of, Derived from, Rendition, Original Copy, Parent Document, Child Document, Derivation of)
  • Document Comments
  • Supports URL and shortcut documents
  • Support for Classified Documents and Classification History.
  • Classification of documents (Taxonomies).
  • Retention and Destruction Schedules and Rules
  • Document Archiving
  • Document based Task System
  • Supports document creation and editing using HTML Form Templates.
  • Native file format support. No conversion is required
  • Versioning with check in check out mechanism.
  • Recycle Bin functionality to quickly restore deleted documents without losing meta data.
  • Web-based Document Import/Export Utility
  • A Download Queue which allows for multiple document and folder downloads in Zip format.
  • Document Warehouse Management tool which allows System Administrators to manage the document warehouse.

To read more about Working with Documents in infoRouter, navigate to our online help pages.


For a full list of features, navigate to the Document Management Features page.

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