Online Resume Capture using infoRouter

Capturing resumes online was a long time dream for a large multi-national consulting firm until they implemented infoRouter to centralize their massive database of resumes and documents.

Hundreds of resumes arriving daily had to be processed manually for format and content. Resumes were reviewed by staff and manually matched for open positions. This was a very labor intensive process requiring hundreds of man hours to catch up to the high volume.

To complicate matters, almost all clients of the company required the submission of candidate resumes in a format that they preferred. So each candidate resume had to be published in multiple formats depending on the number of places it was submitted.

Process after the implementation of infoRouter:

  • A standard HTML form was created to capture candidate data.
  • A link was placed on a infoRouter Portal created for applicants.
  • Data entered by candidates are automatically converted to XML and rendered in a standard company HTML layout.
  • Custom Properties embedded into these HTML forms automatically route the resumes to the appropriate staff member for their review.
  • The standard layout used by the company can now be rendered in multiple resume formats using the "Rendering Options" feature.
  • A single copy of a resume that is stored in infoRouter can now be instantly re-formatted based on where it is being submitted.

This new process saved the company an incredible amount of time and money and streamlined their entire operation.

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