Reebok Fitness International, an industry giant in sporting goods uses infoRouter to manage a vast library of sales collateral and contractual documents. Reebok distributors around the world, use infoRouter to access these documents and marketing resources.

Reebok also uses infoRouter to push important promotional documents to their distributors and sales personnel.

The disperse sales team uses infoRouter to access customer related documentation, profiles, latest reports, and other vast array of information stored in the document library from wherever they are without having to use any client software. A standard browser is all they need.

This approach eliminates the risk involved in having to manage documents on laptops, embarrassing situations arising from old or wrong versions of documents and information.

As new content is generated and existing content gets updated and approved, the subscribed users are instantly and automatically alerted via the automatic notification features built into the system.

This way, the community is constantly kept up-to-date with the latest information.

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