Customers such as Lockheed Martin Aerospace, Rockwell Collins, Northrop Grumman and Boeing use infoRouter in their proposal development departments to generate and manage massive content for their proposals.

These proposals are generally huge in number of pages, amount of graphics and technical text. With hundreds of authors contributing content to such massive proposals, that are sometimes worth billions, it is imperative that an industrial strength document management software is there to help.

infoRouter helps speed up the process of generating content by streamlining the required tasks.

Proposal Management

Proposal managers are often inundated with multiple tasks such as tracking time, compliance with the RFP, management of proposal writers, document review and content quality.

infoRouter helps free up valuable time by managing document generation, approvals and timelines.

Process Improvement

  • Authority for directing and controlling the proposal process
  • Folder based rules to enforce configuration management
  • Schedule enforcing tools
  • Single point of control
  • Custom fields used to map to internal numbering schemes
  • Single point project status checking
  • Automatic change notification system which helps improve project control
  • On-line monitoring, review and comment mechanisms which helps save time and money
  • Secure web-based access results in huge savings in travel and lodging costs
  • Ability to track and approve all documents prior to inclusion in final proposal
  • Ability to quickly create and setup vendor portals and secure libraries for monitored vendor participation

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