infoRouter Document Management Software supports all document types because it manages documents in their native format. This means that you can not only manage the traditional document types such as Word, Excel and other popular office formats but all kinds of digital assets such as Videos, Audio Recordings, Graphics and Images.

Through the use of Custom Document Properties, meta data may be assigned to these (digital) formats that are not conducive to content search. So, in addition to be able to search by document types and document names, users may specify specific meta information as their search criteria making the process of searching for digital media much easier.

Examples of Usage Scenarios:

  • Digital Audio and video libraries
  • Thumbnail views for digital image type formats.
  • Training resources and materials
  • Corporate Logos and Graphics.
  • Image and brand management

infoRouter Digital Asset Management software is an integral part of the core Content and Document Management Software platform.

Using infoRouter, you will be able to create a centralized web based repository to manage all your corporate digital assets.

Key benefits of Digital Asset Management:

  • Create thumbnails automatically to easily search and retrieve files.
  • Make all corporate graphics, digital audio and video assets available via the Web.
  • Meta Data search support for all digital assets.
  • Control access to corporate brand assets. Easily control and manage the permissions of digital assets.

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