infoRouter provides ISO Document Control features that are required for any organization seeking certification with ISO. Documentation control and quality management is a must to get and maintain an ISO certification.

Periodic scheduled review of ISO Procedure Documents

Anyone involved in ISO certification and quality management, knows that one of the most difficult tasks is building a mechanism in which procedure documents are managed and periodically reviewed. This can only be done with an industrial strength document management software that can ensure ISO compliance.

infoRouter ISO periodic review module allows authorized user to mark documents for periodic review. When a document is marked for periodic review, infoRouter keeps track of these documents and sends out review requests to the right people when the review is required.

The review task is tracked and user comments are recorded.

Did You Know That...

over 1 million organizations in over 170 countries enjoy the benefits of ISO certification?

infoRouter can not only assign a task to an individual to perform the review, it can even automatically start a complex workflow which will ensure that a marked document goes through a series of tasks assigned to multiple individuals. The entire process is tracked and logged so you can easily see the history of the ISO review process.

The periodic review features can be used in cases where ISO does not apply. Internal procedures, pricing documents and other types of documents that need to be reviewed on a regular basis can be marked for periodic review.

For information on Regulatory compliance and why ISO Quality Control should matter, visit infoRouter Regulatory Compliance Solutions

For a brief usage scenario click here ISO Usage Scenario

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