The flexible Multi-Language settings of infoRouter to support international customers is a widely used feature in the infoRouter customer base.

In today's Global Economy, companies have no choice but to consider serving to an international community of consumers.

Single language web sites are quickly becoming a thing of the past. It has become absolutely critical to provide corporate brochures, marketing collateral, manuals, user guides and all corporate communication media in a multi-language setting.

A single installation of the infoRouter document management system can serve your customers and partners from different parts of the World by providing localized messages to individual users.

Examples of a multi-language setting

  • User A works in infoRouter in Japanese
  • User B works in infoRouter in English
  • User C works in infoRouter in German
  • User D works in infoRouter in French

All from the same instance of infoRouter.

infoRouter automatically detects language settings from a user's browser and defaults to this language setting. Users can also set their preferred language settings. This means that users will receive infoRouter notifications in their selected language as well.

It is also very easy to add additional language support into infoRouter. The User Interface messages are loaded from a resource file for all supported languages. This means that you can add a resource file that contains your own language messages. infoRouter will detect the new settings and start supporting the newly defined language. This feature can be used not only to add languages but also to customize the messages of infoRouter to fit your specific needs.

Currently, version 8.0 of the infoRouter document management system supports the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Turkish

infoRouter Multiple Language Support

Note: Additional languages can be supported or existing language settings can be altered by clients.

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