ISO Periodic Review of Documents - Usage Scenario

Organizations have a need to review their documents from time to time, maybe all the time. The process of reviewing documents is a manual process that often fails.

Pricing documents, especially those that are exposed online or regularly sent to customers and vendors are a good example of documents that need constant review. Imagine the embarrassment involved with incorrect pricing documents circulating to customers and vendors. Not to mention the legal liabilities such an error can cause.

This example illustrates how one company has implemented a simple solution with infoRouter to automate the periodic reviews of their procedures and documents as required by their certification for ISO 9000 - 9001.

The following describes a series of steps, a company performed using infoRouter to achieve their ISO certification.

  1. A folder was created to contain procedure documents
  2. Sub-folders were organized to group procedures related to different company activities.
  3. Each sub-folder was assigned a periodic review task.
  4. All documents were marked with a periodic review task.
  5. The periodic review task called for a user review every 3 months.
  6. infoRouter sent out automatic reminders by the defined reminder date to alert the user to an upcoming (required) review for each of the documents.
  7. Users are expected to review such documents by the defined timeline.
  8. The review tasks repeat themselves until the task is removed.

A more complex scenario where the review involves more than one person.

  1. A folder was created to contain pricing documents for various products the company manufactures
  2. All documents were marked with a periodic review task.
  3. The periodic review task automatically kicked-off a workflow.
  4. The workflow involved a series of steps where multiple tasks for multiple users were pre-defined.
  5. Each task and comment is captured and logged for future audits.
  6. The review tasks repeats itself firing off the same workflow in the defined intervals
  7. The process continues until the task is removed.

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