Setting up an environment for Invoice Approval in infoRouter

This example illustrates how one company has implemented a simple document management solution with infoRouter to have a customer approve their invoices.

  1. Using the multi-step approval process (workflow) feature, a folder was setup to include the customer as a reviewer.
  2. Invoices generated for services rendered were published into this folder.
  3. Upon publishing, the customer automatically receives an email notification that an invoice is ready for his/her review.
  4. The customer then reviews the invoice and decides to either approve or reject it.
  5. Based on the result of the review, the user who generated the invoice gets an automatic email notification from infoRouter informing him/her about the status of the invoice.
  6. Other users who chose to subscribe to the folder in which this document resides or users who specifically subscribed to this invoice document will also be notified. Note that subscriptions to documents can be made specific to certain events (New documents, changed documents, approved documents, rejected documents etc.)
    More on this issue in the Notifications in infoRouter.

Businesses generate an incredible amount of content and documents in a given day. In many cases, the new content must be approved by multiple knowledge workers. Any given content may have to be reviewed for many attributes. One person may review a document for accuracy, another may review it for artwork, another may review it for design and formatting.

Traditionally, document management systems have been used to review documents with financial content such as invoices, however, this is quickly expanding into other areas. The business benefits of a document management software with advanced workflow features are obvious to all.

The infoRouter Document Management Software offers a full blown approval system that allows for an effective document life cycle environment.

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