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Its familiar interface makes using the infoRouter Document Management Software easy and intuitive. Your users will quickly understand and begin using infoRouter within minutes, without any training. We believe that usability is every bit as important as the features of the technology. Document Management does not have to be difficult.

Capabilities & Feature Set

infoRouter Enterprise Document Management Software Version 8, is a new platform that offers the following:

  • Document Assembly
  • Document Conversion
  • Document Delivery
  • Custom Meta Properites
  • Access Controls & Security
  • Approval process management
  • Workflow Management
  • Archiving & Retention
  • Collaboration
  • Compliance management
  • e-Discovery
  • Electronic Capture
  • Email Management
  • Scheduling and ISO Document Control
  • Knowledge Management
  • Forms Management
  • Full Text Search
  • OCR
  • Paper Capture
  • Scanning & Imaging
  • Version Control
  • Revision Tracking

Click here for a detailed review the Document Management Software - Product Overview

High Performance Web based Document Management

infoRouter can perform at blazing speeds, even in heavy traffic environments. Its open architecture and light footprint allows for great performance. The distributed architecture can balance the load across multiple servers to eliminate "Hot Spots". Contact us to find out about how infoRouter can support thousands of users on a single instance of infoRouter.


The open architecture of infoRouter allows you to interface openly with other software and the Microsoft 2003/2008/2012 Server based operating systems. You can Import LDAP users and documents easily with the built in tools. Using the cutting-edge Document Management Web Services API you can interface into your in-house systems and applications. Your developers will be able to create solutions (even remote applications) that can serve and interact with the infoRouter document library.


infoRouter is a server-based document management software, which makes the management focused on a single source. Changes performed in one central location are instantly reflected to all users. Because it is browser based, infoRouter can be easily managed locally as well as remotely. There are no client software to license, install, maintain, or upgrade. The infoRouter System Administrator will be able to offload some of the administrative functions to power users giving them control over their areas.

Acquisition Cost

Active Innovations provides flexible and reasonable licensing models. We offer attractive entry-level pricing with scalable growth options. This way, you do not have to commit to a significant investment without seeing for yourself the capabilities of the infoRouter document management system. Click here to receive an instant Online Quote by visiting our Software Licensing page.

Implementation & Training Cost

infoRouter can be implemented within a matter of days. Because it is server-based, deployment is effortless. The intuitive interface, ease of use, and great online help makes training virtually unnecessary.

Maintenance Program and Cost

We offer a subscription program that allows participating customers to receive all available upgrades and enhancements as they become available. We make frequent releases in the form of Live Update patches. These patches include fixes to known issues and they also include minor enhancements to the product. Major releases are also covered in the subscription program.

Quick ROI

The short implementation cycle and instant user acceptance will allow you to be up and running in no time. All of your users, documents, and folders can be imported into infoRouter within a matter of hours, and meaningful use of infoRouter can begin on the same day of the implementation. The rich set of productivity tools will make your knowledge workers more efficient in their day-to-day activities.

For an eye-opening return on investment review, make sure to download this ROI Calculator. infoRouter ROI Calculator (Excel format)

Protecting Your Investment

When you license infoRouter, you'll not only get a great document management software but also have immediate access to a complete Document Management Web Services API which you can use to build custom applications or interfaces to in-house or third party applications. You can also create custom portal applications without having to write a single line of code.

You will have a tool that can be modified and extended as your needs change or grow. Instead of searching for a document management software product that can deliver specific functionality, you can simply extend infoRouter. Visit our Document Management Solutions and Usage Scenarios section to see a list of usage scenarios of infoRouter and how our customers have benefited from the flexibility and power of infoRouter.

Competitive Advantage

infoRouter is an Integrated Document Management Software System that offers multiple modules that are included in the base purchase price. The complete content and document management toolset will cover all your document management needs. There are no optional components or hidden costs.

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