Managing Content with eforms

Eliminating paper forms and working in a "paperless office" idea is nothing new. Yet still, the news of the "paper's demise" is a bit exaggerated. Most offices continue to use both types of forms. The result is, we swim in an ocean of business documents, not knowing exactly how to control and tame the beast.

That's the bad news.

The good news is, infoRouter's Forms Management software is at hand to solve this problem. The Forms Management software captures and manages both paper-based and paperless e-forms easily.


Did You Know That...

There are over 4 trillion paper documents in the United States alone and the number grows by 22% each year?

Ready-to-Use Templates

We offer many ready-to-use eforms that you can fill in to create instant letters, memos, resumes, expense reports, articles, etc.

Output in Multiple Formats

Once you capture the incoming data thanks to these templates, you can output it in multiple formats by linking with other templates.

Since the Forms Management Software takes care of the formatting of your documents, you can dedicate all your resources to developing the best content possible.


Did You Know That...

30% of all paperwork in an office can be eliminated by using a proper document management system?

Forms Management software plays an important role in the administration of paper and electronic forms based information capture in modern businesses. Electronic forms which users can either download or simply fill-out are quickly replacing paper-based forms.

infoRouter electronic forms management software, which is an integral part of the core content and document management software is a critical business tool. It provides an environment in which document formatting is done once and the rest of the energy is spent on creating and managing actual content and capturing vital data.

Branding Made Easy

Generating content and documents that comply with corporate standards is a difficult and costly affair. Reflecting a consistent corporate image is critical to the success of any business. Standard colors, logos, disclaimers are not only esthetically important but also crucial to convey a sense of trust and confidence to your clients.

The omission, for example, of a critical "Disclaimers" or "Proper Use" section from a document may cause embarrassing situations, not to mention legal issues that may be very costly.

Content generation with eforms

Generating well written content is hard enough. Creating content that would comply with guidelines and corporate standards is even harder.

To solve that problem, infoRouter offers Form Templates. Just fill in the blanks and you're done! Simple as that.

Your document text is automatically converted to the standard HTML format, which can be viewed by authorized users without any special applications. All they need is a regular Internet browser to view the document.

Did you know that authors spend twice as much time formatting a document than it takes to generate its content? With eforms you don't need to waste any time formatting your documents anymore. The infoRouter templates also ensure that the generated documents always comply with your corporate standards.

Critical Disclaimers in vital documents

When they use form templates, authors do not have to worry about the final formatting or the accidental omission of any boilerplate text.

infoRouter makes sure

  • all critical disclaimers are inserted into the document
  • all the necessary sections on proper use and warranties are included, and
  • the whole document is formatted according to the specs and guidelines.

Rendering Options in Multiple Formats

infoRouter is also capable of rendering document data in multiple formats. The users can enter data using a friendly HTML form template. infoRouter stores the form values in an XML file. Each field of the form template refers to a specific section in the XML data file.

Using a different form template, you can refer to the different sections of the XML file. This way, you can choose to display the selected sections of the XML file in different formats. This is referred to as "Rendering Options."

Key benefits of using infoRouter Forms Management Software:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity during the content generation life-cycle
  • Reduced risk and liability thanks to standard templates that include critical content sections
  • Production of consistent content regardless of the author
  • Promotion of a paperless office environment through effective form management
  • Expense savings through the elimination of post-production formatting
  • Improved accuracy through the elimination of handwriting errors
  • Replacing paper-based standard forms such as vacation requests, expense reports, purchase requisitions with their electronic versions

Forms automation and eforms usage scenarios:

  • Proposal Development
  • Contract Development and Management
  • Corporate Collateral Development and Management
  • New product Development
  • Corporate Policies and Employee Guidelines
  • Training Guides and Manuals
  • Corporate Communication Collaterals
  • Corporate Memos and Announcements

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